Eve-Marie Bergren

My specialty is your home. My passion and commitment to your home are what set me apart from other agents. The goal is to create a seamless and positive experience by managing your transaction… so that you don’t have to. As a resident of Boise’s North End for 20 years, I have extensive local knowledge of the Treasure Valley and Idaho. My connections in the community are based on value, service, and long-standing relationships. I ascribe to the saying “the way you do one thing is the way you do everything” and I believe in conducting every transaction with integrity.
It is my pleasure to assist you with all aspects of buying and selling residential real estate. In addition, as the former developer/owner of the original “Boise Guest House”, I have extensive experience in the Airbnb & short term rental industry to advise in residential income, investments and historic properties.
A bit about me: My fine arts background has informed every aspect of my business as far as details and communication are conducted and fine-tuned my  “think outside the box” solutions with client services. My art degree from Whitman College led me to continue my education to pursue an MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2001. From 2001-2010, I taught painting at various west coast centers and collaborated with other artists to start the Boise Open Studios Collective.
How does this translate to real estate? I have acquired in-depth knowledge of spatial concepts, and how to maximize earnings potential for spaces, large or small.  Design and marketing skills combined with a small business negotiation background assist me in being your advocate in showcasing your properties and negotiating on your behalf.
When I’m not thinking about spaces, I am living my dream life in Boise’s North End with my teenage daughter and our dog. You can also find me in Idaho’s mountains skiing, backpacking or mountain biking. I enjoy yoga, meditation, gardening, and also making art in my North End studio.
…Our soul is an abode. And by remembering “houses” and “rooms,”  we learn to “abide” within ourselves. Now everything becomes clear, the house images move in both directions: they are in us as much as we are in them.” -Gaston Bachelard
Eve-Marie is a member of Leverage Global Partners.

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